Book Review

By Zaccai W

How They Croaked

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By: Georgia Bragg

Copyright: 2011

Genre: Non-Fiction


Over history important men and women have lived and died, some getting executed, some getting shot, and some are just plain weird. From King Tut's ancient mystery to Albert Einstein's brain escape, this book contains all the great details of the awful ends of the most 19 famous people.

My Favorite Character

My favorite person in this book is James A. Garfield (November 19,1831- September 19,1881). He was in office for only 4 months before some nut job shot him twice. According to today's doctors the president would have lived for another 10 to 20 years, but why was this not possible? Well to start off, he didn't die by the bullet more like an infection called bacteria. He had 10 doctors stick their dirty hands in his back, and they never washed them before or after the operation!

So when kids ask who killed James A. Garfield, scratch out Charles J. Guiteau and put in his 10 doctors.

My Recommendation

I recommend this this to people who love mysteries and who love reading about deaths and assassinations in history. I also recommend this to people that love famous people from the past. All of the great facts are here for you to learn to add to your history.
James A. Garfield | 60-Second Presidents | PBS