ICT Class Scavenger Hunt

4th Asad.Daruwala

Tissues/Paper Towels

near door to your left on wood table

near sharpener(s)

Big image

Pencil sharpener for student use

near paper towels..

looks above for directions

Daily learning goal

near mrs Anaya's desk. on board with lots of COOLers

No Fly Zone

Also near Mrs Anay's desk

very big red stop sign

Emergency map (on a wall)

located also right near door

at immediate entrance take a left and another left till your staring at a small poster and your there

Office supplies for student use

near far left of the room with cabinets and staplers!

A properly set-up computer with mouse, keyboard, monitor, and chair perfectly set up as it should look upon students leaving the classroom

near you in giant 6x5 rows

Handout table

Literally right when you enter the door the handout table is visible for all to see

Classroom telephone

near Mrs Anaya's desk


Computer station number

Numbers on the back of every computer from 1-30