APES 5th period


Coastal Zone Management Act 1972

The Act was passed because by the 1970s, many of the nation's lakes, streams and rivers were so degraded that many were unable to support aquatic life. Passage of the Coastal Zone Management Act focused attention on eradicating the major sources of water pollution.

  • A coastal zone includes islands, beaches, transitional and intertidal areas, and salt marshes.
  • To comply with the CZMA, the federal agency must identify activities that would affect the coastal zone, including development projects, and review the state coastal zone management plan to determine whether the activity would be consistent with the plan

Water Resources Development Act 1986

Established new cost-sharing requirements for the planning, construction, and operation and maintenance of projects for navigation, flood control, and other purposes, and also established national and local users fees, guaranteeing that non-Federal interests play an important role in planning, financing, and maintaining water projects.