Dark Chocolate

By:Ethan Fitch


You love dark chocolate,right? Don't you ever wonder were it comes from? Please read on to find out were dark chocolate comes from.


Dark chocolate comes from coco nuts. It starts out in a coco tree. It grows their in a 15 to 25 foot tree for half of it's life. That's amazing right? Right after that,it is ready for harvest-ding. It is harvest by a big axe but the medal is is shaped like a square. then it is prepared to go to the factory by just lying out in the hot heat then put into a bag and it is ready to go to the factory.


At the factory they start making the dark chocolate. First, the coco seed's are checked at the factory. Second, they get cleaned. Third, they get roosted and colored into a dark color. Fourth, they remove the stick butter. After that,the chocolate has to be mixed up with vegetable, fat's,sugar and flavorings. Last,the speed, temperature and the length of the chocolate determents the final texture and flavor of the chocolate. Then the chocolate is heading to the store.


When it get's to the store the final product is chocolate. People by chocolate because it has good flavor (to most people) and good taste. People use it by eating it.

Fun Facts

Here comes al the fun facts. Dark chocolate is healthy for you. Chocolate liquid was not sweet at first. Bleave it or not but dark chocolate dose not cause cavities. Did you know that slaves were used on coco plantins? Too?


And so this was the LONG story about chocolate. Now you may close this book and find some dark chocolate.
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