Leanne Bishop

Army Nurse

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When I was 27...

When Leanne was 27, her boyfriend talked her into joining the military and she went into the army and they put her through nursing school for free. She went civilian and has been a nurse for 23 years.

Boot Camp

The only thing required to go to nursing school was boot camp and becoming a soldier.

Straight outta High School

You can join the military straight out of high school.

No Money Required

The army put her through school so no debt/reimbursement needed.


When Leanne was working, a solider's legs got blown off by an explosion. She had to work under pressure and not let it get to her emotionally.

Just the average tuesday...

"When I was in the army, the typical day was lights out at 10 and lights on at 4 and standing in formation for hours and then doing our duties. I work in dialysis now and each patient's treatment is 4 hours long. I must tend to their needs, keep them comfy, put in cathetors, put in IV's, and give shots all day. I'm on my feet quite a lot."


She had no vacation time in the army but as a civilian her schedule is flexible and she can get some vacation time.


Leanne says she "barely made any money" in the army but she makes a little over $20 an hour as a civilian.

Final Thoughts

She thinks that I should go into the military also but maybe go into JAG (army lawyer). She said if she could've had a do over, she would've gone into the navy instead.

places to work

Being an LVN, you can work in virtually any health care place under an RN and/or doctor.