Art 2016-2017

Color Wheel Q1

I created this work because it was very unique and different. I started with finding an inspiration of google. Then, drew the outline of the ballerina and divided her tutu into 24 different layers. Also, I was able to put my own spin on the design and background.I enjoyed working with new paints and markers.

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Mixed Media Art Q2

My overall vision for my work was to create a portrait of a young girl with the background of the important news articles. I started with the outline of the face and body. Then, created the back round with newspaper using modge poge. Finally, painted her hair, face, and shirt. I think I achieved a very unique look through this creation of this work. I enjoyed working with the modge podge which is something I am not used to.
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Linoleum Print Q3

My overall vision for my work was to create an artwork that was different and unique. I started off making an outline of the flower than carved the linoleum. After, I made several prints, I found an image from a newspaper and printed my artwork on there. Finally, framed it and hung it up. Overall, I enjoyed making this artwork. I just wish the process didnĀ“t go as fast as it did. I had fun using materials that I never worked with before.
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Q4 Reflection

Throughout all four quarters I learned that Art can be anything you want. I learned that I can be a great artist when I put my mind to projects. The projects that I have created came out nicely due to the fact I took my time.

Most Proud Of

I am most proud of this project I took my time on every detail when painting. Mixing colors trying to create the right color took the most time. My biggest are in area of growth has been this year is finishing projects on time and taking my time to complete each project.

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Claude Monet

More art that I would like to create in the future is art work that involves paint. A artist that inspires me the most is Claude Monet. Claude Monet uses small visible brush strokes and paid attention to every detail. Clause Monet reminds me of myself when creating art work.
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