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Do You Know What Your Really Paying For ?

Workers should be considered because there the ones taking time out of there day. To risk their lives making america's food. Americans want to pay the absolute lowest price for there food. They don't really know what there paying for. An alternative for companies if they can't find foreign people is to recruit fro other states in the U.S

Americans don't realize what it takes for make food. Then sell it for the cheapest price. Companies have to use flawd processes. Which includes having realy bad working conditions, illegal workers, and what they use to make it. LIke shown in Upton Sinclair's novel about the terribl truth which is the meat packing and production industry. How peoples fingers were going into the meat. And working in the meat packing feild resulted in severe medical problems like acid eating away at there hands and back problems.From having to crouch down all the time.

Right now meat packing companies are not worried about laying someone off because they all know there is a line miles long waiting to take their place. And they could be replaced at any time. Because they have forigners coming in everyday looking for job to send money back home. To have there rest of there family come here. But instead of hiring foreigners they could have people lining up in the states. By doing one simple thing. Making there wages higher,fixing the working condition. And maybe people actually would want to work in that perfession. But everyone know's that will never happen because big corporate companies just care about there money.

So in the end Americans will always want to pay the cheapest price for food. Not kowing the expence taken on other people's live. And foreigners will always be recruited to work at big corporate company's. Because it's the absolute cheapest thing todo. Instead of making there workers have better working condition and a better job in general.

Future Citizens of America

June 4, 1919

Dear Future Citizens of America,

I hope that one day we get equal rights as men. Not just the right to vot but equal pay. And the oppressors of the world stop suppressing women into a doormat. And pushing women a side not really thinking were a problem .

Also women continuing to be courageous. And standing up for what they believe in. Still willing to take as much time that they have to , until they get what they want. Willing to go through hell or highwater to do so. No matter what is standing in there way.

They also will not continue to get pushed aside because of a greater issue going on. Because once that war is over the issues' wil still be there. Then another trajic event will pop up and then the problem would never be solved. It would just get brushed under the rug and forgotten about. Women should not be called traitors for wanting to fix the problems in the U.S first.


Alice Paul,


In this political cartoon the U.S is shown as Uncle Sam. And trusts are portrayed as this hydra bull like beast. Andrew Carneige is the shown as the man before the beast. The cartoonist message is Carneige was trying to show the U.S the monstrosity that trusts have become. And the U.S was finally realizing that trusts were such a big problem.

Aloha Queen Liliuokalani

America got it's eye on Hawaii. We all new it was over frome there. They saw the multiple profitable crops. Like sandalwood,sugarcane and pineapple. And they new they wanted it. So soon Kalakaua the King was forced to sign the Bayonet Constitution. Which gave us control over the land,economy, and Pearl Harbor. Which gave us a permanent port for U.S warships. Then the King died and his devilish child took over. And wanted to change thing starting with a monarchy. So the almighty marines went in and showed their guns and aimed right for the Queen's head. And Queen Lilikuokalani surrendered. And we have kept control since then.
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Please Daddy!!

Even the kids wanna help. Support your soldiers today by buying a victory bond. So they can have the best of the best and plenty of it. Do your part and make sure your child isn't left out of the group.Because she didn't get a VICTORY BOND !

1890s-1920s Classifieds

Why Did We Enter the War Again ? ?

The two major pressures of the U.S entering the war was the Zimmerman Note and the sinking of the Lusistaninia. The circumstances surrounding and the justifications for the U.S's entry into World War 1. Are the Zimmerman Note whish was a telegram interceptes purposing the alliance of Mexico and Germany. And in the terms of this alliance Mexico would be able to take back the states U.S took from them which was an evasion of the United States property.And also the sinking of the Lusistania. Whish was a British ship that was torpedoed by a German U-Boat. Which was the resulted in the loss of American lives. And that was the final straw for the U.S causing them to want revenge. And for the German's to pay for what they did.

The Best Club In Harlem

Last night I went to the Cotten Club it was a party that never stopped! I got to meat the notorius white gangster and owner of the Cotton Club , Owney Madden. Then he showed me this backroom where it turned out to be a speakeasie. WHere he sold his number one beer. He started talking about how they were busted a multiple times. But since they have many political connections because of the kind of people they allowed in. It was only alowed only the top of society to come because of the hefty price. They could open up again fairley quikley.

The most amazing jazz singers,dancers and muscicans. Like Louie Armstrong, Ethel Waters and Duke Ellington's Orcherstra. And the clubs activities were broadcated on the radio. But it was kind of weird all of the dancers were light skinned,slight tan andunder twenty-one. While I was there the music always sounded like we were in a jungle.

But then I realized that Owney Madden was transforimg the Club into a fashionable plantation enviorment. With all the employees and entertainers being African Americans being potrayed as exotic savages or plantation residents. And all of the clients were white. And brought in celebrity's. Because of this became widley known and very famous because of th exclusion policies. Which continued the widley known stereotypes about African Americans.

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"It Don't Mean A Thing If You Ain't Got That Swing"

In August 4,1901 the Unites States was blessed with a man named Louis Armstrong. Who later on in his life became the most influential person in jazz music. And even influenced other artists. After all the world would never know how to swing. And in the 20s he exploded making him a big part of the Harlem Renaissance.

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