Ancient Greece

The started of Theatre

Ancient Greece Theatre started around 5th century BC and only consisted of two types of genres comedy and tragedy. Comedy started around 486BC and tragedy started in the late 6th century BC. Ancient Greece theatre originated in Athens where they held a festival of dionysia which honoured the God Dionysus.

Some Famous Ancient Greece Plays.


The Persians (472)
The Supplicants (c. 468)
Seven Against Thebes (467)
The Oresteia (458)


The Birds (414)
Lysistrata (411)
The Thesmophoriazusae (411)
The Frogs (405)
The Ecclesiazusae (392?)
Plutus (388)

Some of Our Most Famous Theatres

Masks and the Amphithearte


In a large theatre, like the Theatre of Dionysus in Athens, the classical masks were able to bring the characters ''face closer to the audience'', especially since they had over-exaggerated facial features and expressions. They enabled an actor to appear and reappear in several different roles, which prevents the audience from identifying the actor as a specified character. They help the audience to distinguish sex, age, social status, and a change in a particular character’s appearance, ie. Oedipus after blinding himself.


Ancient Greek theaters were very large, open-air structures that were built on sloping hillsides for their terraced seating. Many of these theatres were built in relatively open areas with a a lovely vista. Because of drama's close connection with religion, theaters were often located in or near sanctuaries.

The Greece theatre was made up of four main sections, the orchestra, the theatron, the skene, and the parodos.

Weekend Nights Only!!!

Comedy on Saturday and Tragedy on Sunday

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