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December 16, 2014

Happy Holidays to You and Your Family

Some students, like myself know how fast time goes by and somewhere along the way with hard work, headaches, tons of gallons of coffee or energy drinks you’re going finish and receive your Associates Degree.

Congratulations to those who got through their first semester. Every semester after this one will get easier, especially now that you’re understanding how to prepare for future classes. I recommend when you have free time to get to know what resources are available for you on campus. And to those like myself finishing their last semester, congratulations! We all come to Leeward Community for different reasons, but all have one goal; to receive a higher education.

I remember being in your shoes thinking, “One day I’m going to finish too.” And now I am, but I’m not done with education just yet. Where one goal gets accomplished, more goals get written down on my list to do.

I’m no longer a student at Leeward CC but will continue to be your DMED Peer Mentor. If you have any questions about your next semester, feel free to contact me.

Happy Holidays!

Sonny Sanchez

DMED Peer Mentor


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The Digital Media Arts Club (DMAC) End of Semester Art Show Friday, December 12 was a Great Success

Aloha Everyone! We had a great time at the club art show last Friday. I saw that those of you that attended, enjoyed yourselves at this event. It was especially great for those who appreciate good digital art, and be entertained by presenters that are really into digital media. This passion was evident in the large volume of attendance and art submissions; so much we had about two hours of art presented.

I've been inspired by what I saw, and have learned so much. Here is a "collage", a bit of the art we got to experience last Friday. It was a very memorable art show. I enjoyed spending time with you, learning more about you, and meeting some of you for the first time.

Big image

Digital Artists: Caleb Green, Cat Marcos, Eric Cabato, Brianna Reed, "Bibu", Rochelle "Rokki" Midro,Vance Higa, Hans Taufa'asau, Ben Gilbert, Joseph Dingal, Theo Nguyen Phuoc, Mauna Burgess, Ikaika Anderson, Paula Marie Fernandez, and Galen Young.

Special Thanks to Alex Nishikawa and Family for the cooking, and super plenty help with everything! Cat Marcos for crocheting all those beautiful cmyk fabric leis! Lexer Chou of Student Life for funding the event! Our faculty advisors Irwin Yamamoto, Christian Ganne, and Ayanna Haruun for their guidance and support.Tami Williams, the Academic Specialist for helping me figure out the controls.Hans and Megan for helping with the lights! Paula and Brianna for carrying things. Coe Snyder of Ka Manao for helping us take our group picture. Mahalo!

The Digital Media Arts Club (DMAC) enhances student life by providing ways for student digital media artists to express their creativity outside of the classroom environment. Joined in a group, the many diverse interests and knowledge of these individuals work to form friendships, networking opportunities, and community involvement. ​

The DMAC is always in need of committed student artists to join us in helping organize and execute future art shows and events, making them better and more enjoyable. Please let me know if this committed individual is you, and I will contact you personally. The club will meet next during the Spring at time and place to be determined. We'd sit around some pizzas and talk business.

In the meantime, stay safe, be merry, and keep those creative juices flowing. Talk to or see you soon. Take care.


Galen Young

DMAC President


Need Assistance? Please do not hesitate to contact us:

If you you would like to submit article for the Newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact me, your DMED Peer Mentor Sonny Sanchez.