The Iconic Sport of Fútbol

By: Emilio

Who Am I?

I am Emilio, I go to F.L. Schlagle high school. I am a soccer player. Soccer has played and always will play a very important part in my life. I began to shift my dreams and attention towards the sport of fútbol when I was six years old. My grandfather introduced me to the sport and ever since then I dream about becoming a successful soccer player in the future.

Essential Question

My essential question is, what is the most popular fútbol league? Now you have to understand that there will be a lot of competition when choosing which is the most popular fútbol league. This is due to the fact that there are more then 60 leagues in this sport. The fact that there are so many leagues just excites me! It is a very controversial question.

Soccers explanation

Soccer goes back to ancient Aztec empire. Some also believe it goes back to ancient china. there really is not a specific and exact explanation for the iconic sport of soccer. I mean after all it is just the same as any other sport. What other explanation is there then it is proven that Fútbo (soccer) l was one of the first sports ever maybe even the first and original sport.

My Process

Before i began this blog i already knew a lot about the beautiful sport of soccer. But i must admit after this research blog i have learned a few facts myself indeed. For example that there was not always a offsides rule, this rule was set down and put in place. After the FIFA realized there were many cherry pickers and injuries, and fishy things going on at the scoreboard. Also that world cup must be hosted in rich beautiful tourist attracted countries not just any country