Middle School Times

Sarah Cornet

It Takes Teamwork

One of the best decisions I made throughout Middle School was to join the field hockey team. It was a great and easy way to make some friends. Coming into the huge school made me nervous, and I wasn’t sure I would have many friends to rely on. But joining the team gave me a chance to meet plenty of new people. Knowing that I had a whole team of girls that were cheering me on made my transition into the Middle School simple and easy.

Not only was making new friends a benefit of playing the sport, but I also really enjoyed it! The sport was fast-paced, interesting, and intriguing to watch and play! There was not a time on the field were I was standing still, for I was constantly running. Also, the refs made many calls for all the mistakes we made. But that wouldn't stop the BRMS field hockey team. WE would continue to play, until we won. Overall, I really enjoyed playing field hockey and it is a highlight of my Middle School years.

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A Christmas Carol In Action

One of the best academic experiences I had here at BRMS was going to see A Christmas Carol. We had read the novella in English class, and I had enjoyed it. However, seeing the play truly made the story come to life. Our day began when we came to school, dressed in formal clothes, to see coach buses waiting for us. Our team, along with another, drove down to Princeton, where the play was being performed. The play began with a joyful scene, as the stage was filled with falling snow and Christmas Carolers. Scrooge came in and knocked over the beautiful, radiant tree, for he hates Christmas.

The play continued, but you'll have to go learn what happened from there. (If you are interested in visiting A Christmas Carol, use the coupon, down below, for a discount on your tickets). The play was wonderful and told the story beautifully. Also, an great part about seeing the play is that we got to socialize with friends. There was a long bus ride to the theater, so I got to talk and eat yummy snacks with friends. Having people at the play made it fun and interesting. Overall, I really liked going to see A Christmas Carol, because it brought life to the plot, and it was a good time with friends.

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Sarah Cornet is finally graduating Bridgewater Raritan Middle School! After two years, filled with field hockey, long nights with tons of homework, and loss of sleep, she has made it through! Congratulations!

Changes Need to Happen

Dear Editor,

Here at BRMS, there are many changes that need to be made. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good sports, events, and classes held at BRMS. I just believe there is more that can be added to our school to give our students the best education. Hopefully the following ideas can be taken into consideration. I firmly believe these changes will benefit the Middle School