Is imperialism good, or bad. Here are some facts about it.

Event #1, The Panama Canal

On November 6 1903 Panama gave the United States permission to build the canal that would allow faster travel between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It was officially completed in 1914. There was a total of 375,000,000 dollars spent in construction. It takes about 1-2 hours to go through it. And in 1904 Dr. Walter Reed found the cure for yellow fever.

Event # 2, The Spanish/American wars.

It started in 1898 because the U.S. Saw what Spain was doing in Cuba, they were "oppressing Cubans and torture and stuff" in reality, and when we went to war with them we fought in Puerto Rico. Long and confusing story short, we took over Puerto Rico, Cuba and other territory's owned by Spain with the Paris peace treaty of 1898. There were about 22,000,000 volunteer troops for the U.S army to be sent to Cuba.

Event #3 the Alaska purchase.

In 1867 the United States senate bought the territory of Alaska from Russia. The senate paid about 7.2 million dollars, 2 cents per acre. Over time Alaska paid for itself over and over with gold, tin, coal and oil. William Seward was the man who sniffed out this deal, however some people thought it was folly, hence "Seward's folly".

The essential question.

The U.S should be condemned and praised for its actions overseas. There were some times where we took over peoples homes, gave them freedom and took it away and were just big bullies I mean we acted like everything was ours for the taking and that we were superior. But then we also improved conditions for people, cured some diseases and tried to help. So we were horrible but also kinda good, I guess I don't like what the U.S did but we shouldn't be prosecuted.