By Will Hewes

What is Binary

Binary, also known as Base 2, is using '1's or '0's as an on or off signal. Binary can store data which in a single unit is a bit and 4 bits make a nibble and 8 bits make a byte and then you can go on to megabytes and gigabytes.

Basic Maths

Basic maths can be achieved through 4 or 8 bit and you can only up to every number up to 255 using this grid.



0 |1 |0 |1 |0|1|1|1

This adds up to 87

Binary Clocks

Binary Clocks are clocks that us 6 bit binary to formulate the time for instance on this clock its 04:08:55 and binary clocks like this operate in 24 hour mode

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Whats Denary?

Denary or Base 10 is

If you understand this, you understand Binary