Andrew Jackson

Do you believe Andrew Jackson is a hero or a villain?

War of 1812

  • Jackson was a Major General in the United States Army during the War of 1812 he was sent to New Orleans to prepare the city's defenses against a British attack
  • With him he had an armies from Tennessee and Kentucky that defeated a British force of 7,500 men. He was now known as the "Hero of New Orleans".

Tariff Of Abominations

  • It was The Tariff of Abominations by its Southern detractors because of the causes it had on the Antebellum Southern economy
  • The goal of the tariff was to protect industries in the Northern United State which were being driven out of business by low priced imported goods by putting a tax on them
  • Some New England industries also disliked the bill because it included the clause by which the taxes on raw materials was increased.

He wasn't good to many people like for example...

In conclusion...

Overall Villain

  • We believe with the evidence given that Jackson is more of a villain then a hero
  • He has done good acts, but they can never compare to his bad ones
  • Jackson is more of a villain then a hero