Teddy Bear

By: Kailyn

What you will need?

-large piece of fabric

-small piece of fabric

-hot glue gun

-needle and tread

(need to know what to sew)

-cotton balls or stuffing

How To?

First, you will fold the large piece of fabric in half and draw the shape of a teddy bear on the folded fabric. Then you will cut the teddy bear out of the folded fabric.( You should end up with 2 sides of a teddy bear.) Then you sew the teddy bear together, while stuffing it every time you get to an area with no stuffing. After you have the whole thing sewn and stuffed you can cut out a nose from the smaller piece of fabric. Then you will cut out 2 circles for the eyes. You can then sew the 2 circles on where the eyes would go.

Challenges/ Things I Learned

One challenge I faced was sewing, because I had never sewn before. But in the end I learned how to sew and how to tread a needle correctly.


I did this because I wanted to learn how to make a teddy bear, and it seemed interesting. Although stuffed animals don't cost a lot at stores it would be a good learning experience. And a fun activity to do in your free time, because it doesn't take a long time to make. Although the cost of the supplies costs more than what just buying a teddy bear would, it is a good activity to do. It teaches you how to sew because you have sew the bear together.