Sick of Climbing the Stairs?

Joshua Malone

Are you sick and tired of always climbing up flights of stairs? Do you loose your breath when climbing many stairs? The answer to your problems is the new elevator. The elevator is a machine that is just like a pulley. A strong metal rope is connected to the top of the elevator and it pulls you from floor to floor in a shaft. Where is it helpful? It is helpful in multiple story buildings, saving you the time and hassle of using the stairs! This new invention can benefit you greatly! If you are on the lowest floor of a building, you can get the the very top within seconds without any trouble. The inventor behind this idea is Elisha Otis. He invented the elevator in 1853. He improved the elevator after the original design to make it even safer than before.
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While doing this project I learned many things about the elevator. I learned that the first elevator was made around 236 B.C. Eventually the elevator was made safer in 1853. Also, I learned that an elevator is just a pulley system. A metal rope is attached to the top and the elevator is raised and lowered throughout a building.

One effect it had on people in the 1800s is that it pretty much just saved them time, just like an elevator today would. The elevator has a huge effect on our lives today. Without it, there might not be the skyscrapers that you see today.

I used the Cause and Effect technique for this advertisement. The reason I used this is because I wanted to compare going up stairs to using the elevator. In addition to that I though it would be easy to explain why using the elevator is easier to use.