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January 2016

74 students with Perfect Attendance for BOTH November and December! That's Awesome!

Since December is much shorter than other months, we combined it with November and challenged students to be present every day of BOTH months. Even with the illness that swept through our school, we are proud to recognize 74 students who accomplished this goal! These students will be treated to "Snickers with the Superintendent" at school on Thursday, where they will each get a Snickers bar and have time to have some fun outside of the classroom with Mr. Nelson. I am so proud of each of these students, and want to thank their parents for making school a priority! Keep up the fantastic job!

26 Outstanding Students Achieved Perfect Attendance for the First Semester

Help us recognize the 26 Elementary students who achieved PERFECT ATTENDANCE for the 1st Semester! Each of these students were present ALL 88 days. That is an accomplishment to be celebrated and rewarded - and these students are certainly being rewarded for their perserverance! Their reward includes a trip to Woodward and all the pizza they can eat with Mr. and Mrs. Nelson! I encourage these students and their parents to continue to make school a priority and to aim for Perfect Attendance for the 2nd Semester! Again, please help us recognize these students and applaud their achievement!
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January Dates to Remember

1/13 Tribe Trek resumes

1/14 - Sixth Grade Career Fair @ High Plains

1/15 - Fifth Grade to Nursing Home at 2:30 PM

1/27 - 6th/7th Academic District Tournament @ Vici, 4 PM

1/29 - Monthly Assembly - Fifth Grade Hosts @ 8:30 AM in Jerald Shaw Auditorium

1/29 - First Semester Perfect Attendance to Mazzio's & recognized at evening Basketball games

1/30 - 5th/6th Academic Regional Tournament @ Vici - 8:30 AM

First Semester Honor Rolls

Superintendent's Honor Roll (All A's)

1st Grade

Blayne Boswell

Krisjenn Buchanan

Riley Clark

Kruz Gamble

Kimberly Hathaway

Graham Heidlebaugh

Tate Hutchens

Cash Kelso

Kashton Moss

Abigail Poulson

Brendan Rose

Ethan Thompson

Raquel Todd

2nd Grade-Carman

Deleece Arguello

Kataleana Clark

Kaycee DeSelms

Korbyn DeSelms

Wyatt Hager

Mack Johnson

Gavin Johnson

Harmonii McGee

Keith Nebhut

Randy Stewart

Michaela Warren

2nd Grade-Mrs. Trimble

Rythem Boswell

Ruel Carnagey

Mia Cole

Brayleigh Dryden

Jaden Gillespie

Jaqueline Ginez

Jacob Jennings

Isaac Keeton

Bryonna Lund

Gabriel Monreal

Miah Moore

Jacelyn Reid

Tate Trotter

3rd Grade

Logan Andrews

Hakiya Heap of Birds

Ian Heidlebaugh

Zoey Jennings

Kanaan Lawrence

Cadie McCracken

Molly McGehee

Maddox Morris

Christopher Rivas

4th Grade-Mrs. Peoples

Gracie Guthrie

Dakota Hager

Kloe Nelson

Cade Trotter

4th Grade-Mrs. Dennett

Myia Ainsworth

Desi Arguello

Seleide Monreal

Leslie Rivas

5th Grade

Noah Halderman

Karlee Lund

Cayce McCracken

Carter McGaha

Jubelqui Miramontes

Taggert Moss

Emily Parry

Jillian Parry

Madeline Parry

6th Grade

Chris Ainsworth

Katie Cole

Kendra French

Nate Jennings

Dylan Moss

Dalen Todd

Jaydn Watkins

Principal's Honor Roll (A's and B's)

1st Grade

Kole Reid

Coriella Parry

Alexander Moss

Gabriel Martinez

Madison Sakowich

2nd Grade-Ms. Carman

Shelby Campbell

Kaci Moss

Grace Kittler

Patience Lemcool

Cameron Coleman

2nd Grade-Mrs. Trimble

Chloe Boswell

Marcus Flores

Rylie Kruse

Dylan Randall

3rd Grade

BreeAunna Dryden

Andrew Keeton

Cloe Laird

Melodii McGee

Torrie Madden

Derek Moss

Jason Nebhut

Spencer Campbell

John Paul

Hope Smith

4th Grade-Mrs. Peoples

Grant Albert

Leah Baker

Chelsea Hughen

Brooke Keller

Gilbert Flores

Shay Stambaugh

Lilly Baker

4th Grade-Mrs. Trimble

Jair Altamirano

Jazmein Arellano

Avory Fell

Torrie Grant

Ryan Nebhut

Samuel Riven

Timothy Worsencroft

5th Grade

Keirstyn Altland

Dylan Boston

Sidney Campbell

Tony Johnson

Jessika Boswell

Kaleb Moss

Nathan Ramey

Zoe Anderson

6th Grade

Trinitee Burba

Dyson Hazelbaker

Dakota Hitchcock

Keegan Poulson

Cy Ontiveros

Jaxon Allison

Mackenzie Short

Dru McGehee

Cale Nelson

Asia Valentine

Autumn Moss

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