Come to Cozemel

you'll have the time of your life

Come to the prettiest location

Come to the prettiest location on the earth. You can swim with dolphins go snorkeling, you could even take a food tour

What is the climate? What country does Cozumel belong to?

Cozumel's climate is tropical it’s average temperature is about 80-90 degrees.

Cozumel is located about 14 miles away, it is also considered the best place to go diving in the world. Cozumel belongs to Mexico.Mexico is officially a federal and constitutional republic the president is Enrique Peña Nieto. Mexico’s traditions the feast of our lady Guadalupe is a major Mexican holiday celebrated on December 12 celebrating the appearance of virgin Mary the day of the dead on November 2 and independence day are the most celebrated traditions clay pottery and embroidered cotton garments are some things command items associated with Mexican folk art

Some interesting facts

country and capitol

The country is Mexico and the capitol is mexico city
Common foods

normally wheat tacos empanadas pasta pocks ect Mexican soda is very popular too


snorkeling is a very popular attraction because of the brightly colored fish and warm waters.Food tours are also a very cool attraction because you can get a taste of the culture .Swiming with dolphins is a very cool attraction so you can have fun with the wild life