The Graveyard Book

Gaiman, Neil

Jacob Weckerly

Friday, March 7


The Graveyard Book

Neil Gaiman


Jack is an important character in the book because he is the murderer. Bod is the main character along with his guardian Slias. Mr. and Mrs. Owens are Bod's adopted ghost parents.


It takes place in a very old graveyard in the mid to late 1900s. The graveyard holds many souls and secrets as well.


At the beginning we enter the story when the man Jack is murdering Bod's family. Bod is the living breach between the living and dead world. Bod was taken into care by Mr. and Mrs. Owens a couple of kind ghost folk, and by Silas who is Bod's guardian. As several years go by Silas would always go out and get food. Plus he would get books for Bod to study. Bod made friends with a living girl named Scarlett. Silas had to leave for a while and Bod stays with a ghost lady named Mrs. Luspec. She is very thorough and teaches Bod about ghouls and gaunts. Bod gets captured by ghouls and is saved by a witch. Bod wants to do her a favor and buy her a headstone. so he goes and gets a rare rock from the den of the Sleer (Egyptian Guardians) and goes outside of the graveyard to sell it. the rock is extremely rare and a man tries to steal it. Bod escapes by fading. (a ghostly trick) Silas sends Bod to school, but that lasts about a week. the man Jack find where Bod has been hiding all these years, and chases him and Scarlett through the graveyard with his three henchman. Jack catches up with Bod and Scarlett in the Sleer's den. Bod tells the Sleer that Jack is their master and the Sleer wrap him up in an eternal cooil of safety.

Award Information

The award was named after John Newbery. In 1921Fredric G. Melcher had the Newbery medal designed by Rene Paul Chombellan. On the back of the bronze medal it has the winners date and name on it. The inscription still reads Children's Librarians' Section. The section has changed its name three times. The awarded is awarded by the American Library Association. It is awarded to the most distinguished American children's book. The purpose of the Newbery award was to encourage original creative work in the field of books for children. The Newbery was the first children's book award in the world. Its terms and history make it the best known children's book award in the country. The Newbery award also has a runner-up medal. In 1971 the term runner-up was changed to honor books. The Newbery honor book seal is silver colored. All the former runner-up books are referred as honor books. The honor book seal also has the same picture on it.

Information About Author

Neil was born on November 10, 1960. HIs full name is Neil Richard Gaiman. He is an English other of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, audio theatre, and films. Neil Gaiman has won several book awards. "The Graveyard Book" won its award in 2009. Neil's family is Polish and Eastern European-Jewish. He has two younger sisters Clair and Lizzy. He lived in Portchester, Hampshire. In 1965 he moved to West Sessex Town of East Grinstead. Neil was able to read at the age of four. The thing he loved to do was read. He said that reading things gave him pleasure. For his birthdays he would mostly get books and reading materials. Gaiman was educated at many Church of England Schools. He got married in 1985 after having his first child Michael.

My Thoughts

I like this book because it was kind of mysterious and had lots of secrets, surprises and details. It followed a good storyline and followed it very well. The characters were well thought out and fitted in with the story very well. I think this book did deserve an award because it is so well thought throw and it seems like the author took his time. Plus I just liked the story itself because you just wanted to know what was going to happen next.