Abriendo Caminos is On Smores!

Our MESA Account Is Now Up and Running

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Hi Everyone! As promised, I set up our Smores Account! Now all we have to do is build our mail list and begin sending flyers, newsletters, etc. It's really easy to use. Any one of us can use the account. And if you are a little tech challenged, no worries, our team member Tara is a pro and she can give everyone a tutorial! LOL! Don't you love how I passed that buck Tara! I'll share the account access information separately. I simply wanted to let you know that it's all set up and ready to go. We can now send e-communications and have an easy way to review the analytics so we know who received them, how they received them, when they opened them, if they responded, etc. As Dr. C. would say, "Cool?"

Multicultural Educational Services Alliance (MESA)

Multicultural Educational Services Alliance (MESA) is a UNLV initiative housed in the College of Education. MESA sponsors the Abriendo Caminos/Opening Pathways for Students of Color into Teaching as a Career Connecting Campus to Community through Family Engagement (or Abriendo Caminos/Opening Pathways) grant project. The Abriendo Caminos/Opening Pathways project is designed to address southern Nevada's/Clark County School District's (CCSD) persistent teacher shortage and growing demographic diversity gap between students and teachers. It aims to not only increase the number of teachers to address the teacher shortage, but also to diversify the teacher workforce to better serve all students in southern Nevada's schools. Abriendo Caminos/Opening Pathways is funded ($335,000) through the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) Great Teaching and Leading Fund (GTLF) from August 2016-2017.