Hard Drives

What is a hard drive?

What is a Hard Drive?

A hard drive is a storage device which you can often find as part of a modern computer. Most hard drives are internal hard drives, but you can also get external hard drives which backup data on your computer and expand the total amount of space available to them. The bigger the storage capacity of the hard disk, the more data you can put into it.

Hard disk drives normally run efficiently for about two years although some manufacturers claim their hard disk drives could last even more than that by giving longer periods of warranty and guarantee.

How many different types of Hard Drives are there?

There are many types of hard drive, but the most efficient one is a Solid State.

Solid-State, unlike the other types, don't move. Typical hard drives use a spinning magnetic disk that performs the function of data storage. Since there are no moving parts, Solid State hard drives are much faster and less likely to break down than other drives. However, their price is a bit more than other hard disks.

Hard Drives Types