This Week in 2B

Our Learning Journey

An exciting week!

We are looking forward to a fabulous week in second grade! In Math we are assessing our knowledge of place value and money. Please continue to find opportunities for your student to make change for you. The Who Am I project will dominate our Language Arts time. We will begin to write our rough drafts for our papers in class as you begin to work on the presentation board at home. For more detailed information please see the paragraph below. In grammar we are using the many skills that we have learned through the year to write our rough drafts. Second graders will use the knowledge they learned about sound and vibrations last week to conduct an experiment. Students will also go on a "sound" hike around campus. Please mark your calendars for field day on Friday! We hope to see you then!!

Who Am I Project

Here we go!!!!

Today you will find in your child's book bag the research that we have been working on for the past two weeks. You will also find a copy of the questions that they have answered on the pink, blue and yellow slips of paper. These questions were used as a guideline to help us shape our project. The children have done research in the computer lab and media center as well. Please use the information on these slips of paper and any other information that you like to help you create the presentation board for their Who Am I project. We will be working on the rough drafts of our paper for the next two weeks in class. The children's homework for the future will be to work on this presentation and to re-read sections of their biography to help them complete this project. This assignment should be treated as nightly homework and should be worked on diligently. If they work on it nightly as assigned then it will not be overwhelming for them. They are really excited about this!! Remember: the presentation board is due Friday, May 17!


Friday, May 3rd - Field Day!! Come out and have fun with us this Friday. We'll have a fabulous morning full of great activities and rest assured we will be ready for the tug of war in the afternoon! Be sure to send a lunch and some drinks with your might be hot! Don't forget the sunscreen and towel for your child to sit on. We are asking that you please do not leave campus with your child for lunch! Thank you in advance for your support of this.