King Cobras Are Scary

By Jakoby Lagud


Did you know a mongoose can beat a cobra in a fight ? For more fun information on king cobras read on.


King cobras can grow up to 18 feet long ( 5 meters long ). King cobras store their venom in the back of their head. An adult sheds their skin 2 times a year. A kid sheds it’s skin 4 to 10 times a year. Did you know they developed from lizards without legs to touch the ground and borrow throw not a lot of sand?This is like the snakes you see today. They do not have ear’s on their head but they can feel vibrations go through the ground.


King cobra’s eat frogs ,small reptiles and other small animals. They eat prey whole. They spread their hood when feel in danger. They use strong venom to kill their prey. A list of of all the food that king cobras eat include. Mice ,rats and other snakes They can eat tigers ,lions , bears, zebras, deer, moose , hippos, turtles, alligators, wolves ,alpaca ,and a lot more.


That is the new facts you learned about king cobras. Now let’s hope you don’t run into one.

Fun Fact

  • Some cobras spit their venom at enemies eyes to blind them so the cobra has an advantage.

Fun Fact

They have scales over their eyes and never blink.


  • venom

A strong poison used to kill animals that some animals make.


  • hood

the part of a cobra’s neck that can be stretched out to look bigger