Our shop sells the best brand shoes in the world!!!

We the people of SKY RUNNING stride towards selling and presenting the top brand of shoes that will take you high places in your life. Come to SKY RUNNING to except our amazing staffs hospitality that will see to you almost immediately.

SKY RUNNING hours are

Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm

Also if you wish to call us before hand to see if your shoes are in stock call 979-228-4971

If you wish to call in a order....

Step 1- call SKY RUNNING.

Step 2- wait a day.

Step 3- give us your address.

Step 4- We will mail it to you.

Step 5- Look outside your door :)


Please tell us how we have helped or done anything good/bad in the hours you came and visited us at SKY RUNNING.


JR Henndington (the manager)