By alan plocki

Passwords should be hard to guess!

There are Many people getting hacked just because of their password. Many people are wise about what their password is. Some bad passwords are like 12345, qwerty, popcorn, and especially password. anyone could get in your password like this in less then 10 seconds! You password should be hard to figure out. For Example, if you like to play baseball, you could do iltPBb0903. Passwords should have capitals, lowercase, numbers and even symbols. Passwords are very usefull if you have an e-mail or a bank account. Your password also should be long, because if you use " Hi " For a password, anyone could get it! Try useing something like BobbylikesToplay. Follow these tips and hackers wont be able to get in your account.

List of bad passwords!

abc123   12345   asdfghjkl   qwertyuiop   zxcvbnm   11111   baseball   football   password   696969   Facebook   *Username*   2013   good   *Fav. Food*