Different Types Of Strokes

By: Richie Crawford

What happens during a stroke?

There are different types of strokes, such as, Hemorrhagic Stroke and a Ischemic Stroke. But what a stroke really is it's basically a “Brain Attack” It happens often when the blood flow stops to the brain, the symptoms of having a stroke is face drooping muscle weakness speech difficulties. The risks of having a stroke is pretty low when you're young. But as you get older your body may eventually stop flowing blood to your brain. But don't get scared It's a very high chance that you won't have a stroke.

Hemorrhagic Stroke...

A Hemorrhagic stroke is a brain aneurysm burst, basically a weakened blood vessel leak is one of two types of strokes it most often results in death.
Hemorrhagic Stroke (Brain Hemorrhage)

Ischemic Stroke...

A ischemic stroke is pretty much blood that is blocked by a clot in an artery. This is a stroke that is more deadly than any other stroke.
Ischemic Stroke

Some Stroke Facts...

Did you know that a stroke is the fifth death causing effect in america? And also lead causing a disability in a human body.

Can Stress Cause A Stroke?

If you are stressed out about school work any other things that might cause you stress is a higher risk of you having a stroke, You see when you are stressed out your heart starts pumping faster your blood pressure goes up and that may result in a blood clot.

How many strokes happen a year?

About 795,000 people suffer from a stroke each year and about 600,000 of these are someone's first attack and 185,000 of these are recurrent attacks and nearly three quarters of the world are 65 when they have a stroke.


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