Sparta may be small but they can sure pack a punch on peria

by Antonio Soto

no women in Sparta?

Sparta is a country for itself but do they truly have any allies? Is Sparta just there battle? no one knows these questions as they are just men fighting to fight. They are really educated and trained for battle and they will surely never give up. their woman were well educated the most educated out of all of the ancient times. They were all well trained soldiers ready for war but who would do all their work? that wouldn't be the women but the slaves that made all their work. they were men kept captive by the Spartans in battles. now they have to do labor, make the armor, and weapons for the soldiers. women may not seem as useful in sparta as they are anywhere else, but guess who makes men? women do, they are the ones who go through it all to make more and more soldiers so sparta can be more and more powerful. a warrior himself told us

tambourine oldest intrument?

in an ancient vase there is a painting of a woman holding a tambourine like instrument. it is said that it was used to play music for rituals and other sorts of things. it handwoven stripes hanging off of it and was very decorative. That wasnt the only instrument at that time there was other things such as trumpets, flutes, guitar, and pianos.

zeuses opinion

sparta really loves fighting but they really arnt that strong.they are just a small army reserve and thats it.

3 2 1 horse?

lighting has just taken the lead in the annual chariot races. the end results are now in. lightnig in white 1st, thunder in black 2nd, and fire in red in third. the way this sport was played is that chariots with at least 3 horses would line up and race

hard worker wanted

we need a hard working person to work for 7 drachmas an hour. they will be building statues for the ancient gods and their glory and will also be known as a great architect.