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How to stop Internet Trolls

Internet Trolls

I know when you hear the word trolls you think of a ugly and stupid creature. You're not totally wrong about internet trolls to. Internet trolls are like that only in there mind but be careful they can also be smart and witty. So you have to act smart to to defeat the internet trolls.

Ways to defeat internet trolls!

1.If you can report them to a moderator and get their attention your sure to be troll free!

1.1. If you have your own thing were it's possible to report somebody and if you don't put one on that brings them to a page that lets them know what they need to take the person off the websites accounts.

1.2. You can give them a warning and once you give a warning watch them.

1.3. A possibility if its a nice guy doing bad things try and talk the person down.

2. Do NOT get angry and let them have satisfaction or get angry and troll them because then you are equally guilty in the situation.

2.1. If you have done something back and its going back and forth you should still tell an adult no matter what they say.

3.If they say they'll hurt your family there are a couple possibilities...

3.1. They are a predator and you should tell and adult immediately.

3.2. They are your friend who is screwing with you. Tell an adult.

3.3. They are telling you bad lies and you can ignore them. Still tell an adult.

3.4. If you think their serious like in 3.1. you should tell an adult immediately.

3.5. If you don't have any idea its still best to tell an adult.

3.6. One other method is tell an adult then call their bluff and see what happens.

3.6.1. If they are a predator and show up,call the police ASAP.

3.6.2. If they don't show or are hiding there either a troll,a person screwing with you,or a bad predator who was trying to scare you.

3.6.3. Don't believe the persons a relative of a friend or anything because unless you see a picture of them with the friend or regularly.

3.6.4. If there you're friends "relative" ask questions about the person if the identity is not confirmed.

4. If they talk to you meanly directly by any comments or instant messages in a chat room or anywhere online including texting,tell an adult.

4.1. Do NOT let it drag on for months without telling an adult because 100% of the time there's a way to stop them.

4.2. You CAN block them on texting or almost anywhere and if they have to post to you through chat EVERYONE can hear you have them in some trouble and multiple witnesses plus concrete proof because most of the time whatever you post in public chat can't be erased.If you report to a moderator they can ban them from ever talking to you again.

4.3. If you can show the moderator of the site that the person has done this multiple times you can have them banned.

4.4. When you tell the moderator make sure they block the I.P. of the computer to make it harder for them to get on and for them to check if anyone related or friends with this person on the site are checked to.

4.5. If there is an email connected to the account send the person an email saying why they were kicked off and tell the moderator to check for any emails that are similar or the same to the recent accounts email.

4.6. Tell other sites to watch for this person if they are on their website and to make sure they are not posting inappropriate material and crude language on their website.

5. Be smart and don't say yes to meeting in person without at least a trusted adult at the meeting location.

5.1. If they are who they say,ask them questions from the chat room. Example:You:My favorite movie is Wynn Dixie. Reply: Mine to! Ask in real life whats you're favorite movie? If they don't reply or strain to remember things or even steer it off topic you have a liar or a predator.