Tyler's Tech Tips

Issue # 6 - May 2016

To help promote one of my PDs this summer, "Digital Illustration and Design," images in this newsletter are digitally-drawn.

Google Updates and Neat Features

It has been a crazy last few weeks in the Google world. There are many new updates or features you may not know about. Check them out below!

  1. Create a running outline in any of our lengthy Google Docs. This gives you a clickable navigation. To get started, click on "Tools" and then select "Document Outline".
  2. Very similar to an outline, Google Docs also has a table of contents feature. This is also a clickable navigation tool, but this can be inserted on any page of your Doc. To use, click on "Insert" and select "Table of Contents".
  3. Are you a Google Form user? Well if so, don't forget that they have many templates already created for your use. Check them out at docs.google.com/forms/u/0/
  4. Google Slides earned a couple of new features. You will notice that when you go to hit "Present" there is a drop down option. This option allows presenters to have a presenter view. This mode allows for Q&A which can be presented to your audience and includes speaker notes. There is also a laser pointer available in your presentation. It can be found while in presentation mode in the bottom left corner. For more information on this, click here.
  5. Google Calendar now has Task Reminders, Goals, and can help search for available meeting times between Google users. I use Task reminders all the time because they sync between all your devices and I need many reminders.
  6. When adding comments to a Doc or Slides, you can now mention the name of the person you are leaving a comment for, and it will send them an emailed reminder about the comment. Great for editing papers as students get emailed about changes.

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Digital Illustration and Design

Here is some of my artwork that I drew on my iPad. Check out my "Digital Illustration and Design" PD this summer to learn how to become a digital artist.

More PD Opportunities

"Leadership Mindshare" August 4-5 Grand Rapids, MI

"GoogleFest" August 9-10 Grand Rapids, MI

"MACUL" March 15-17, 2017 Detroit, MI

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