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Welcome to the Dec. 18, 2020, edition of Southeastern Scene.

Dear Southeastern Families:

As we bring our first semester to a close, we would like to share some very special thoughts with you. One of the beautiful privileges of being an educator and being immersed in a learning community is that if your heart is open, you learn more from the students than you can imagine. We have been blessed to learn some pretty impactful and powerful lessons from our children these last 18 weeks. Our staff members completed the following sentence: "My students have taught me _______________ this year." It is our hope that their reflective thoughts bring you and your family joy as you read them.

Mrs. Chastain and Mrs. Monkul

My Student's Have Taught Me...

"that they are capable of so much more than we give them credit for. They want to learn, and they love graciously. I am so blessed to be on this journey with them"

"that they crave expressing themselves, being seen, and being together"

"that even in the midst of all this craziness, there are so many reasons to SMILE"

"how resilient they are! Even when things are constantly changing or difficult, as long as they get to see each other, they are happy"

"so much... to slow down, to observe, to adapt, and to be present"

"that sometimes we need to set aside the academics and just spend time talking together"

"how to use Zoom efficiently! They know so much more than I do about technology"

"how much I miss them! They've made me a better person as they have modeled resiliency. I am so lucky to have another year with my kiddos"

"simple pleasures like sharing a highlight, or 'wow' as we call them, is an important start to our day"

"resilience this year. Throughout every unknown bump, turn and twist, the students can come through it each time. They continue to learn and will have skills that cannot be measured, but instead shown in years to come"

"the joy in perseverance"

"the kids are the best examples of how to deal with ups and downs and when life doesn't go how we planned"

"there is so much joy in simply being together - in whatever capacity that might be (virtually, in-person, etc.)"

"that we can do anything"


"that there is joy all around us even when a pandemic makes school life look very different"

"that you can open your heart to make connections and friendships no matter where you are, even if it's through a computer screen"

"to stop and be curious at every picture book drawing"

"how to notice the small things in life. A smile or a 'how are you' really make my day"

"how to find joy and happiness in the things we used to take for granted. We all appreciate seeing each other every day and learning in person"

"how to persevere through change and be positive, even when it's hard"

"perseverance and positivity are very important"

"creative ways to engage virtually and to find humor when things don't always work as planned"

"there is always a rainbow in every situation and nothing is as complicated as it seems"

"that the relationships we build in the classrooms create the foundation of their learning. They have taught me what support, encouragement, and extending grace to others looks and sounds like. They have taught me the value of feeling connected and heard in the classroom"

"relationships are even more important than their education"

"that we cannot always control what happens, but we can control how we respond (and a positive response can be infectious)"

"that they are amazingly resilient and capable of more than I ever imagined. Also, I have learned, now more than ever, that they are my why"

"the smallest things can make the biggest difference"

"how to be resilient! They are so strong and able to quickly adapt to change without hesitation. I strive to be more resilient like my students"

"to find small joy and excitement in everyday life, have patience, and that we are stronger together this year"

"the power of laughter and the importance of taking time to be silly once in a while"

"there is always a way to find JOY no matter the current situation we are facing. My student's smiles, laughs and stories get me through everyday"

"that we are a family no matter where we learn"

"that anything is possible if we use our heart. This year we started by creating a work of heart. We added all the things we want for our classroom, and combined it into one piece that an amazing parent printed into a poster for us. This year we have referenced the class heart in all we do. When we were told we would be going back to virtual, one student said, 'Remember what is in our heart! We can do this.' Words like brave, positive, community, and love stood out to us. We know that if we think of what is in our heart that we can accomplish anything this year, even if it is virtual. I love all of my student's hearts. We are individually unique but together complete"

"that they are so resilient to change. That I can learn a lot about staying calm and thinking about my zone of regulation from all that we are learning together"

"students are resilient and can handle much more than we sometimes think they can. With that being said, they also thrive off connection with their classmates and teachers"

"that they are capable of amazing things. Kindness, joy, and helpfulness all can be found via zoom!"

"that children are so much more adaptable than I ever imagined"

Counselor's Corner

Virtual Lunch with Jen Smith

Our school counselor, Jen Smith, will be holding a virtual lunch time once a week for our virtual students. Please see the day and time that has been assigned to your student's grade level below. This is not enrichment or a lesson, just an opportunity for our virtual students to "socialize" with their grade level peers. They will be able to use the same Zoom link (below) each week.

Please access zoom link here.

4th Grade - Mondays - 12:00*

3rd Grade - Tuesdays - 1:30

2nd Grade - Thursdays - 12:00*

1st Grade - Wednesdays - 12:15

KDG - Fridays - 11:30

*Please note new time

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Friday, December 18th, first semester ends. Last day before winter break.
  • Tuesday, January 5th, second semester begins virtually.
  • Monday, January 18, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, no school.
  • Tuesday, January 19, tentative return to in-person instruction pending school board approval. Please watch for more information following winter break.
  • Friday, January 29th, Interstate school picture retakes (please see more information below).

Picture Retakes

Southeastern Elementary School picture retake day for students who missed school pictures on Nov. 2nd is scheduled for Friday, January 29th. Inter-State studios will be taking the pictures, and they are requesting online orders only (no order forms will be sent home). Online orders can be made at Please use order code: 52117JA. You can also click this link to place an order.

Operations Plan

The HSE operations plan has been updated. Please click the link below for answers to your questions regarding operations, schedules, mitigation, facility modifications and transportation.
HSE Operations Plan

Please access the latest information about the HSE Operations Plan here.

Creative Learning

Please enjoy this special message about hope from a student in Mrs. Huffer's class:
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YMCA eLearning Care

The YMCA is offering eLearning care during virtual learning. For more information, please click on the flyer below.

Click this link to register online. Select "Full Day eLearning Care" and then choose the preferred location.

Cafeteria offering meals during virtual learning

We are pleased to offer all HSE students the opportunity to order breakfast and lunch meals during virtual instruction.

Due to the high number of orders, there will no longer be multiple menu choices per day for the pick up orders. By completing this form you are ordering 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches per student. This week's menu can be found at


If you need assistance with transportation or have students in different groups and need to combine their pick up location, please call Lynn Wolfe at 317-594-4100 or email

We ask that you indicate a time window when we can expect you for pick up within that time frame.

Please note: hot options will need to be heated at home, instructions can be found online at

Orders are due Sunday, December 6th by 4:00pm.

URL: Please click this link to order.

Parents will continue to receive weekly emails to sign up. Questions? Please contact Andria Ray at

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your children!

Andria Ray, MA,RD

Director of Nutrition & Food Services

Library Book Park-N-Pick Up

Library book pick-up services for SES library books will continue during this virtual learning time. Follow the steps below to help your students take advantage of continuing to have access to our school library books.

Watch this video link and follow the steps to place holds for books. (This process applies to all students)

You may place holds on up to 3 books at a time.

  • Only place holds for books that are “in.
  • To guarantee that your books will be ready the next day, the holds must be placed any time before noon the day prior to planned pick up.
  • Books will be available for pick up inside the vestibule doors from 8:40 - 4:00 p.m.
  • Please return books to the "drop-off items" table when you come to pick up your new books.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Robinson.

Nurses Notes

COVID Exposure. What to do now?

According to the Fishers Health Department, these measures should be followed:

1. Begin Quarantine. Stay home and try to limit exposure to those in the home. The only person who needs to quarantine is the person who was directly exposed. Quarantine is 14 days from the date of exposure.

2. Get Tested. Testing is recommended for anyone with exposure, ideally 5 days after the date of exposure. Kids 5 years and older can be tested at the Fishers testing site. Please visit .

3. If you take your child to the doctor or to get a COVID test, please notify the school immediately.

4. Call Your Doctor. Since your primary care physician knows your health history, we suggest reaching out to them to notify them of exposure.

5. You Develop Symptoms. Get tested! Everyone in the household should quarantine unless an alternative diagnosis is given by a healthcare provider.

6. You Test Positive. Begin isolation. Stay home and away from others, including members of your household. The rest of your household needs to quarantine. Isolation is a minimum of 10 days from the start of symptoms, or the date you are tested if you don’t have symptoms.

7. You Have Questions. If you have any questions, please call 317-567-5046.

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Mudsock Youth Athletics

Mark Your Calendars! Spring program registration will open on January 1st and run through the 31st for baseball, softball, soccer, boys and girls lacrosse, rugby and track. Visit for the most updated season information and to register your child for a league.

PTO News

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Community Insider

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Anyone wanting to spend time in the school or chaperone a field trip must have a SafeVisitor ID badge. If you have not yet completed the background check, please click below to get started.

Safe Visitor

Please access the safe visitor approval process here.

HSE Report It!

HSE Report It! is a school safety mobile reporting app that allows students, staff and community members to provide anonymous information about concerns for their own safety or the safety of others. HSE Report it!, can be downloaded via Google Play or the Apple App Store. It’s anonymous and reports are made exclusively through the mobile app. HSE Report it! has no length limitations. Reporters can attach photos, screenshots, videos, documents and/or audio recordings to their concerns and they can engage in a two-way dialogue with a real person.
HSE Report It

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