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May 31, 2020

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What About Next Year?

As we wrap up this week, we know how we will finish. (Please see below for details about that.) The question bouncing in the back of our heads is, "what about next year?" With that in mind, I want to provide some clarity about how we are making decisions and what are some of our guiding thoughts. 1. We will start back as safely, as normally, and as quickly as we can. Safety and health for students and staff come first. We must have good cleaning and hand washing practices in place. As always, we know that establishing effective routines and structures will help reduce anxiety for all kids. We are concerned not only about physical safety but also the mental and emotional safety of our school family. We want our first steps next fall to be thoughtful, appropriate and positive. 2. We will have multiple options in mind. Already, we have district committees established to consider best case and worst case scenarios. We are planning for lots of different contingencies. We are brainstorming all ideas so we can make the wisest choices for our children and staff. COVID-19 is a paradigm shift for all of us. We are seeking the opportunities this presents us and not just managing the restrictions and problems. Our goal is to continue having the best learning opportunity for all children in our district. As we have done this past nine weeks, we will need to continue to be creative and innovative as we do what's right for our school family. 3. We will follow guidance from our local, state and national authorities. Currently, we are waiting to hear final recommendations from the Accelerate-ED task force formed by Governor McMaster. While we are examining re-entry plans from other states and countries, we want to do what's best for our district. When we are clear about the parameters we must follow, we hope to be ready to enact and communicate plans to everyone involved. We certainly want to hear from parents and staff as we plan. Please be sure to complete the survey sent to you so we can consider your feedback as we move ahead. (Click on to complete the Remote Learning/Return to School parent survey. It is also below.) As always, feel free to contact me at to share thoughts and ideas how we can plan well for the fall. 4. We will work as #OneTeamOneMissionOneRockHill. We will not do this alone. This is not a one person, one perspective, one role kind of planning process. In the end, we know there will be gives and takes and our plan will not address every person's preferences. Having said that, we want to listen and respond well. We thank you for all you've done over the past few months to help us teach our children. We look forward to seeing you this week at Drop Off/Pick Up and the End of Year Parade.

Mr. Maness, Principal

P.S. Next week, we will send ideas how you can continue your child's learning over the summer.

Remote Learning/Return to School Parent Survey

Please click here to complete the parent survey if you have not done so already. This feedback is vitally important as we plan for the fall.

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School News

Medications for Pick Up--All student medication that was left with Nurse Love will be in students' bags for pick up. Please be sure your child's bag is picked up on Monday or Tuesday. (See information below about that process.)

Yearbooks--We were notified this week that yearbooks will not be back until after July 1. With COVID-19, there was a production shutdown which has delayed getting the books back in time. We will contact you when we are sure they will be shipped and we will get those to you.

Terrific Kids--Please click on the link below for our April Terrific Kids.

Drop Off and Pick Up Materials on June 1 and 2--Parents will place all student materials for drop off in a bag with your child's name, your teachers' names and grade level on it. Materials for drop off include library books, leveled reading books, books borrowed from the teacher and anything else. Drop Off will be located at the Caswell Entrance near the Main Office. Parents (and students) will stay in the car, pull as far forward as possible, and drop bags of materials in a tub held by a staff member. Materials will be collected from the driver's side window. Students in grades 3-5 can keep their laptops this summer to continue their learning. Pick Up will be located at the Cherry Road Entrance. Every student at CPES will have a bag to be picked up including materials from class, items from lockers, and a special gift. Anyone can pick up your child's bag. Parents need to have a sheet of paper with your child/ren's name, teachers' names and grade level (in big, easy to read letters) written on it. The bag will be retrieved from the school and brought to your car. You can roll down the passenger side window or pop your trunk and it will be placed there for you. Again, please do not allow anyone to get out of the car as a health and safety precaution. Drop Off and Pick Up times are 11:00-1:00 and 4:00-6:00 on Monday, June 1 and 7:00-9:00 AM and 11:00-1:00 on Tuesday, June 2.

End of Year Parade--We will have a drive through End of Year Parade on June 3 from 5:30-7:00 PM. (Our rain date is June 4 at the same times.) Kindergarten, Kindergarten Assistants and First Grade will be on the Cherry Road Loop (accessible from Cherry Road). Second, Third, Office Staff and Resource/Support Teachers will be on the sidewalk along Sullivan's Auditorium (which is accessible from Caswell Street). Fourth, Fifth and Related Arts Teachers will be in the Sullivan Bus Loop beside the Tennis Courts (which is accessible from Eden Terrace). This is a chance to wave (and say) goodbye as we wrap up the school year. Wear your Cherry Park shirts and let's celebrate that we made it!! Please know that you will not be able to get out of your car and you cannot give cards or posters to staff during this time. (You can put those in the black box by the main entrance.) Please help us keep traffic moving and all cars will be in one line for each area. This is simply an effort for our school family to come together and celebrate. In addition, we hope to provide a time in the fall for students to go and visit their teachers as well.

Virtual Related Arts Day – June 2!

Mrs. Garrard, Mrs. Rezzai, Mrs. Anderson and Dr. Beard have activities for your family to participate in together to mark the end of our school year. This day is a great chance for students to let loose, get active, and have a good time. And at the end of the day, it is all about creating a memorable experience with your family! We would love to see pictures of your family participating in the games, please post pictures on the Parents of Cherry Park Facebook page.

Click on the link below for a video demonstration of each activity, then play with your family!

Rock Hill PE Virtual Road Trip

During this last month of school, we are going on a Virtual Road Trip! Our goal is to visit 13 of South Carolina’s State Parks and 49 National Parks across the US by adding the miles we walk, run, hike, or bike each day. The only requirement is that the miles have to be self-propelled, so motorcycle and car rides do not count. All elementary students in the district and their family members are invited to participate! We will update the map daily so you can keep track of our progress. You can input your miles as often as you would like, by day or by week, whatever works best for you. If completing miles outside your home, remember to practice social distancing and always get permission from an adult.

If you do not have a way to measure or track distance, here is a tip for estimating your miles:

· walking for 15 minutes would be about 1 mile

· jogging for 10 minutes would be about 1 mile

· riding a bike for 6 minutes would be about 1 mile

Click on this site to log your miles -

E-Learning through the End of the Year--Here is a schedule for e-learning through the end of the year.

June 1--Day 1--Drop Off and Pickup Materials (11:00-1:00 and 4:00-6:00)/Instructional Days and Activities

June 2--Day 2--Drop Off and Pick Up Materials (7:00-9:00 AM and 11:00-1:00)/Instructional Days and Activities

June 3--5:30-7:00 PM End of Year Parade (See details below.)

June 4--Rain Date for Parade if Needed at same time.

June 5--Teacher Workday

Teacher Appreciation--If you still would like to drop off items for staff members, there is a black bin with a yellow top at the main entrance where you can do that.

Need Help? If you need assistance, please contact the district at or call our dedicated phone support hotline, 803-980-2016 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. on weekdays. You can also access resources on our District webpage: (Please see below if you need technology assistance.)

Register Your Rising Kindergarten Student

Please read the information on this webpage, scroll to the bottom and click on the "Register Now" link. This will take you to the online registration portal. Know that we will collect birth certificates and immunization records at a later time.

Update Your Contact Info

If you need to update any of your contact info, please email Mrs. Deyerle so you can stay current on information being provided. You can also download our District App below.
District App

Click here for more information about our District App.

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Remote Learning

Staff Email Addresses and Office Hours--Can be found in the links below.

Technology Assistance--For technical issues such as logging into Canvas and Launchpad, connecting to wifi, resetting passwords, device troubleshooting, etc., the Rock Hill Schools Technology Department staff will be on-call from 8:00am - 8:00pm and can be reached via email at or via phone at (803) 985-3531. Technology help tutorials will be published at: Click on the Parents & Students button in the left-side menu for access.

Or your child's teacher can submit a tech request as they normally would. Each school tech is still monitoring tech requests as usual.

French and Spanish Resources--Click on the button below for some helpful resources to support your child in continuing to learn a second language.

Need Wifi Access? See below flyer from Comporium about how to access free Wifi for 60 days.

Staff Emails

Click here to access email addresses for our staff if you need to reach one of us.

French and Spanish Sites for Second Language Learning

Mr. Jones, our World Language Coordinator, and our French and Spanish teachers gathered some family friendly sites to help continue your child's second language acquisition. Know that these are for enrichment and extension.

ETV Resources for Remote Learning

SC ETV has modified its TV programming schedule to include instructional content for all students. Early learning content (K-5) is scheduled for 8am - 1pm each day. Middle and high school content is scheduled from 1pm - 6pm each day.

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PTO and SIC Information

Parent Teacher Organization and School Improvement Council Update

The PTO serves to raise funds, coordinate volunteers and encourage teachers through appreciation activities. Click on the PTO Newsletter button below if you wish to receive the PTO Newsletter: PTO and SIC are tentatively planning to meet on the second Monday of each month next year. School Improvement Council meets at 5:30 (in the Fish Bowl) and our Parent Teacher Organization meets at 6:30 (in the Media Center.) Elections were held in the spring for these organizations but all parents are welcome to attend to help provide input and volunteer.

PTO Newsletter

Click here if you'd like to sign up for our PTO Newsletter.

Calendar of Events

June 1--11:00-1:00 Drop-Off and Pick-Up; 4:00-6:00 Drop-Off and Pick-Up

June 2--7:00-9:00 AM Drop-Off and Pick-Up; 11:00-1:00 Drop-Off and Pick-Up

June 3--End of Year Parade from 5:30-7:00 PM (See info above.)

June 4--Last School Day and Rain Makeup Day for End of Year Parade if needed.

Cherry Park is proud to be part of #One Team One Mission One Rock Hill.

Cherry Park Website

This is the link to our school website.