New Zealand

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The climate, Geography and land of New Zealand.

The climate is temperate, with plenty of sunshine, adequate rainfall, and few extremes in weather. However, in winter, particularly in the south, high humidity makes it seem colder, even though average winter temperatures rarely go below 40°F. Highs in summer average about 73°F. Hot winds bring higher summer temperatures to the east coast. New Zealand covers 103,363 square mile and is slightly smaller than Italy, or about the same size as the U.S. state of Colorado. It is tropical in some places of the island. The rest is deciduous

Culture (clothes, religion, food.)

The culture is very instesting and they have 53% christianty, 1.6% Hundiusm, 1.3% Buddiusm and 32% without. Western-style clothing is standard. People wear casual clothing in public, although it is usually neat and clean. Business attire has become more casual, though some corporate settings continue to require business suits or a jacket and tie. At many companies, employees dress down on Fridays, wearing clothing like jeans. Employees of companies such as banks wear uniforms. New Zealanders eat a light breakfast before work or school. Lunch is in the early afternoon, and dinner is around 6 or 7 p.m. The family generally eats dinner, the main meal, together. Dessert is often included, and coffee is nearly always served at the end, especially in restaurants.

pictures from New Zealand

There languages are English (95.5) and Mario ( 4.1).


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