A Beloved Grandparent

A Personal Narrative By Dylan-Noel

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Have you ever lost a beloved grandparent you held most dearly. Well I have lost my grandpa (mom's dad).

It all happened during summer, I was watching TV. I was relaxed in the best position I had ever been when all of a sudden I heard my mother screaming "NO". My head jerked, body twisted, and legs trying to get to move. Then before I know it I find myself dashing downstairs to see what the fuss is about.

Mom kept crying and then I ask what's wrong. The words just came out of her mouth "GRANDPA IS DEAD". I felt a wave of grief the moment I heard dead. My mother cried so hard that you'll just need her to put a forest fire out. I tried to comfort her with my sister but she got a phone call that said my uncle died too and more grief swept over her. I felt so sad, confused, and angry that I ran upstairs to my room.

I started punching stuff with anger and sadness until I started crying. I thought it was still to early for them to go. Then I started remembering how when I was younger I loved their stories and was hyper. After that I realized that it was just their time to go and I should just accept that. After that I went downstairs to comfort my mother again until she calmed down.

Eventually family do pass away but I learned that they're still in your heart and you should just keep putting your feet forward.