How to make a three layered cake

Genius Hour Project

First step for baking a three layered cake

First you need the ingredients for the cake. Once you have the ingredients you would normally preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You will need three kinds of pans a large for the bottom, a medium for the middle, and a small for the top. After you have the cake in the oven you don't want to open the oven frequently, because the cake will crumble and fall apart.

Step 2

First you let the cake cool down then you then you get some fondant. After getting the fondant you want to press it down so you can get a good shape and don't have to do so much work pressing it down. Then you want to get some corn starch or some flour and spread it around a table. Then you want to get your fondant and roll in the corn starch or flour until you get the thinness or thickness you want on you cake.

Step 3

So after you put the fondant on the cake you want it to sit for a while then after the fondant has sat for a while you want to get the candy and put a little bit of icing on the candy or water on the candy for you can stick to the fondant because the candy won't stick to the fondant by itself it needs something to help it stay.



sour patch




9 eggs

1/4 of a cup of water

1/3 extra virgin olive oil

cup of flour

1/2 stick of butter