Wednesday 8th January

Chs world geography

Iran (religious persecution)

Iran has a lot of things which are in the downside. They are orthodox Muslims and doesn't accept the other religions. One time four Iranian Christians were whipped 80 times because they took the communion.

Iran has lots of persecution for non-Muslims and they try to move off to more of their religious places so that they can where can worship with freedom.

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Libya (Environmental factors)

Libya is one of the hottest loaves in the earth. Most of the people move of too cooler regions when it's really hot. People who moves are there for the sights to see. The coastline is also big which means trade.

People from Libya are most likely to the colder regions and where there is moderate temperate so that they can escape the heat. Most of the people just come to Libya for the work.

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USA(Political factors)

There are some people who doesn't like how the government works in the USA, they also don't like how they can be benefited politically and not financially. People also leave this country so that they can save their money by not paying their taxes.

People mostly move off to the England side and and some other rich countries so that they can make money and enjoy the way they would like to live.

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Afghanistan (Forced Migration)

The conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq again caused the largest numbers of refugees to flee to, or remain in, neighboring countries. Some 2.8m of the world's refugees are from Afghanistan, most of whom are in Pakistan and Iran.

Many people were dead because of this conflict which made the government to forcefully made all the people to move off from that place

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Bangladesh (Economic motives)

Bangladesh has been running through a crisis as per last year, so people started moving off to richer areas so that they can be financial ahead.

They move off to richer places like India or China or other prosperous places so that they can meet all their conditions

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Israel (Ethnic persecution)

Even though the people of Israel is seemed to gods own people, there is some hatred of the people of Israel towards the palistininions of Gaza. The people of Gaza are hated and persecuted by race and religion.

The people of Gaza wants to move to other places where they can worry less and not be persecuted in any ways.

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