Mrs. Stauffer's Classroom Spotlight

By Mrs. Stauffer's Fifth Grade Class

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Mrs. Stauffer

By Sahithi

Mrs. Stauffer is an amazing teacher. The most loving and caring teacher I have ever had. Her favorite subject is math. Mrs. Stauffer´s favorite thing about teaching is when a student finally understands something. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite author is Jodi Picoult. Her favorite grade to teach is 5th grade because Mrs. Stauffer loves teaching the things she teaches in 5th grade. She's been teaching for 14 years. She's taught in Elmonica for 5 years! Her favorite thing besides teaching and being a mom is playing softball and reading. Her favorite student is her daughter named Hazel. She is 3 and a half years old. Hazel is the cutest little girl ever!! Mrs.Stauffer was our 4th-grade teacher and 5th-grade teacher so we know her better than anyone. Her Favorite movie is Finding Nemo. Her favorite Ice cream flavor is chocolate peanut butter. She loves to watch Marvel movies and her favorite movie characters are Thor and Wanda. Mrs. Stauffer's favorite planet is Saturn because it's the only planet with rings around it. What we're trying to say here is that Mrs. Stauffer is an amazing teacher.

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Ms. Roberson

by Charvi

We have a super cool co-teacher in our class, Ms. Roberson. She is so fun and so kind. She helps a lot even when we were in zoom and she is really good at math. Ms.Roberson loves skiing in the snow and playing mini-golf. She lives in Newberg and really badly wants a golden retriever. She also loves to make bracelets and read books. She is an amazing teacher.

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About Us

We love to distract teachers, we are very funny. Many of us are good artists and we are hard workers and we are kind. Maybe sometimes we need reminders but we are pretty well most of the time. We are also fast learners. We love having fun. we also have color cohorts in the blue group we have Charvi, Sripada, me (Sahithi), and Jenny/Jennifer. In the yellow group, we have Kimberly, Jamila, Maija (pronounced ma-ya), Pa’hina, and spring/ the pink group we have, Roman /Rosselle, Justin, Iniyan, and Addy/ Addilleah. In the green group we have, Alex/John, Angel, Connor, and Phillip .in the orange group we have, Abdul, Patrick, Isaac, and Serg/Sergio. In the purple group, we have, Ari, Nikash, Soumith, and Matt /Matthias . We got to choose our groups, but if people are too distracted, they might move to a different group or turn into an island just by yourself, but you still sit with the group you have been exiled from.
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by Maija Replogle

For math, students in Mrs. Stauffers are learning decimal place values and powers of ten. Before they begin Their work, Mrs. Stauffer goes through a few problems to introduce what the students will be learning that day. Then they work in partnerships to do their assignments. Mrs. Stauffer explains the lesson by using a whiteboard, or she uses an app where she can write or draw equations and visuals. If they are finished with their work, there is usually a challenge that goes along with the lesson. When math time is over, the students put the sheets in their desks, to save them for a math congress in the future. Math congresses are when all the students post a picture of their math work on a jamboard. Then, they can look at everyone else's work and give feedback.

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By: Nikash (Now known in his class as “Your majesty” not joking)

In writing, we just started fantasy writing, and so far, we have done five lessons. We have started on Monday 1/3/22. We have just planted a story arc and did scenes today 1/7/22. So far we are just at the beginning level. The hardest part.

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Mrs. Stauffer is a very good reader. She also has a wall of books in our class library. Every Monday, we get new books for Reading Work. We do book clubs with the books we get from Mrs. Stauffer; Ms. Roberson & Mrs. Stauffer recommend books that represent our level of reading and our favorite series of books.

We group up in an open space or a corner when we do book clubs. There are 3-4 people in each group. In groups, we bring our book we selected as a group and are READING notebook and discuss our plan/goal. After ten or more minutes, we head back to our book club group and share what we wrote down on our NOTES. We get one or more hour of reading.

Mrs. Stauffer and Ms. Roberson care so much about past students and us, for example, Charvi. She was a past student in Mrs. Stauffer's class in 4th grade. When there are new students, she gives them new book boxes to store them.

My teachers are very good teachers and people.

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By: Nikash ( now known in his class as “Your majesty,” not joking)

In content, we have just finished Erin's law. Health unit about child abuse and how to protect against it. We are about to end it today, 1/7/22. We have only just reviewed what we learned in 4th grade, but for some, it is new to some.

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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

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