The Final Stage in The 5 E's

What's the Point?

The evaluate stage is used to assess learning, gather data, make decisions based on that data, and to illicit reflection on teaching methods.

What You Should Do As a Teacher

  • Observe students to use formal labels, definitions, and explanations provided previously
  • Assesses students' knowledge and/or skills
  • Look for evidence that the students have changed their thinking or behaviors
  • Allows students to assess their own learning and group-process skills
  • Asks open-ended questions, such as: Why do you think...? What evidence do you have? What do you know about____? How would you explain ____?

What Should Our Students Be Doing?

  • Answer open-ended questions by using observations, evidence, and previously accepted explanation
  • Demonstrates an understanding or knowledge the concept or skill
  • Evaluates his or her own progress and knowledge
  • Asks related questions that would encourage future investigations

How Can We Evaluate?

Evaluate does not HAVE to mean a TEST!

What About Constructivist Teaching?

Evaluating students through more than just tests and quizzes, we are allowing students to draw from previous knowledge and take responsibility for their learning. Students will draw from what has been learned throughout the previous 4 other E's to complete their evaluation.