Make Make

Make make your life much more fun!

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10 Facts

1. Make make was first seen in March 2005

2. It is the second brightest known object to be in the outer solar system

3. The planet is 870 miles wide

4. It takes about 310 Earth-years for Make make to orbit the sun completely

5. Scientists concluded that the planet contains a layer of methane at its surface considering its reddish-brown color

6. Make make has only one moon which is called MK 2

7. Also the planet orbits beyond the range of pluto

8. There is no police force in Make make as it is very safe and peaceful

9. The alien species of Humus roams the planet and are kind to humans that are treat them respectfully

10. There are amazing hotels in Make make to make your vacation the best one you will have


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What can you do in make make?

This beautiful and exciting planet offers incredible activities for men and women of all ages including:

1. Eat the delicious food at the Humus burgers restaurant and hang out with your Humus friends!

2. Go into the 0 gravity park where you can play and feel like your flying

3. Ride the thrilling speed-of-light roller coasters all long the planet

What you need

To visit Make make, you only need working lungs as you will be provided with the protection needed including special clothes to prevent you from getting diseases like aciz which is a disease that make the person's lungs slowly shut down. Also visitors have the option to buy the limited edition Tocino shirts to remember the amazing trip they had.
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Makemarriot Hotel

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Make make ancient symbol

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Extra information

To make this trip comfortable to all visitors, the MMUTA (Make make universal travel station) provides extra information for everyone to see. The trip to Make make will cost 2 Bolivares by space ship which takes 3 days but $100,000,000,000 by the more advanced space ship which can take you from Earth to Make make in 5 seconds. The phone number is 0000001 and the address is "close to Burger King". We hope to see you soon here in Make make!

Normal Space ship (2 Bolivares)

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Advanced space ship ($100,000,000,000)

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