All about the Northeast

A fourth grade resource by: Kailey, Maggie, Grace, Makenna


The Northeast has lots of mountains and rocky lands. Mt. Washington is the highest peak in the Northeast and it is one of the windiest places on earth! The Appalachian Mountain Trail starts in the Northeast as well. And a long time ago, MILE THICK sheets of ice (glaciers) covered the land. They dug down mountains and carried away most of the good (fertile) soil.


The major bodies of water bordering NE are the Atlantic Ocean and two of the Great Lakes. The Erie canal was dug to connect Lake Erie to the Atlantic. The Erie Canal is 363 miles long and it's the only waterway that crosses the Appalachian mountain trail!

Products and Natural Resources

The Northeast Region has a lot of products and natural resources. Some products include syrup and lumber. Trees make paper, furniture, and fuel. And syrup is just yummy! Now on to natural resources. There is a lot of marble, granite, and coal quarries. The Northeast also grows a TON of cranberries and blueberries. Oceans and rivers are very important because they provide transportation, recreation and the water that we drink. (After its filtered of course!)


In the Northeast the changes in climate are very obvious. From sunny, hot, summer months to cold, bitter, winter months . The people, plants, and animals, have to adapt to the changes in climate as well. The trees drop their leaves to survive the lack of water. People have to dress warmly for the cold, and the animals' food supplies change also.



In the Northeast some popular food are clam chowder, crab cakes, lobster and other seafoods. People eat a lot of dairy products. They eat more ice cream than any of the other regions in the USA.


Two of most popular sports were invented in the Northeast Region are basketball and volleyball. People enjoy hiking and skiing. They also enjoy going to museums and plays.


Most of the people in the Northeast Region are immigrants. The Northeast was also one of the first places to be settled by the Europeans. Most of the Northeast Region's states were among the 13 original colonies.


The Northeast Region is home to most of the USA's landmarks. There is the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, the Hersey factory in Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court in Washington DC and the Statue of Liberty in New York. The Statue of Liberty was built to welcome immigrants to the USA.
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