Island in the Sun

Live by the sun, love by the moon.

We Welcome you with open arms

  • Our goal is to make everyone happy. We want to spread our ideas of equality and sharing with those among us.
  • We take pride in our equality: everyone has a part, everyone gets a say, we share our lives together.
  • Together, we ensure that everyone gets to live the old American Dream. Every single person is equal to another. We provide the opportunity for you to pursue the dreams you want. We have complete liberty granted to all of our citizens. Fahrenheit 451 tries to achieve the American Dream through making living conditions equal, everyone is equal in the jobs that they do (education, training, minds, looks), and they try to keep people happy by providing entertainment.
  • Our society is similar to Fahrenheit 451 because no one has any needs: we are all well taken care of. We are different from them, because Fahrenheit 451 suppresses people from learning, thinking, and doing what they want to. Instead, we opted to give our people freedom to pursue any knowledge that they want, the ability to think their own thoughts, and to do what pleases them. The intellectual in our society will be viewed as normal people, no better than anyone else. They are just specifically good at and enjoy learning things. They will be allowed to research any information that they have a desire to know about, so long as it doesn't cause any other beings harm.
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We have three rules, and three rules only:

  1. Everyone does their part in making our society flourish
  2. Never inflict harm upon another
  3. Everybody must learn, to some extent, self defence


  • Potential Problems: Someone doesn't want to work, someone could have angry thoughts towards other countries (no wars).
  • Those who cause problems will be sent to another place. The time away depends on the level of the crime.
  • Drawbacks: Money lovers with not have money (nor will anyone else). You do have to have a job in order to contribute to our society and help us progress forward into the future as a stable and peaceful nation.
  • If someone wants to leave, they are welcome to take one of the daily boats and leave our lovely society peacefully.
  • Our society might be considered a dystopia to those who love money, those who are selfish, and those who are lazy about work.
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