Simple Carbohydrates


What does simple carbohydrates do and how does it function in the body?

Simple carbohydrates provide energy that can be stored for later use. There are several common simple carbohydrates that are included in your diet such as glucose, fructose, sucrose, and lactose. To get immediate energy you have to absorb monosaccharides from simple carbohydrates into the bloodstream, your cells take them up and can burn them for immediate energy.

What happens if you dont get enought or too much of simple carbohydrates?

When carb supplies are low, your body creates extra ketones, which are fat byproducts that provide an alternative fuel source. Ketones are toxic in large amounts, so your kidneys have to work harder than usual. Which can cause kidney damage. If you eat to many carbs most of it will turn to fat.

Some simple carbohydrates to eat

Simple Cabohydrates Poem

Carbohydrates are chemical compounds that are made of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon.

All fruit and vegetables, all breads, grains and cereal products are carbohydrates as well as sugars and sugary foods.

Carbs are easily digested and Broken down into glucose.

Carbs are divided into chemical groupings Oligosaccharides

being one of them.

Fruits, vegetables, cereals, and popcorn are all High in carbohydrates.

It is possible for humans to live healthY lives while eating very low levels of carbohydrates.

Our boDies can convert proteins into carbohydrates.

Man-made Refined carbs act differently in our bodies compared with more natural complex carbs.

Too mAny carbs and the body will covert the extra to fat.

Eating these carbs will give a Temporary burst of energy.

Carbohydrates are the body's main source of Energy.

So eat your carbs.