Aromatic Yoga Happy Hour

Happy Hour the Healthy Way

Join us for our Monthly Happy Hour Together!

Thus far, during our monthly happy hours, we have explored major systems of the body: immune, cardiovascular, endocrine, muscular, digestive, and more. We have tickled our feet and our funny bones! This month we'll dive into the EMOTIONAL SYSTEM...

EXPLORE the Emotional Map of the body with YOGA (guided by Pamela Sery). ELEVATE your senses with the essential oil blend of Lavendar, Melissa, Ylang Ylang, Osmathus, Tangerine, Lemon Myrtle and more...learn reflexology to heal and balance your emotions, and invite a deep meditation to relax your senses. Join this lovely Community for an enlightening evening!

Our Time Together ~

6:45 pm Introductions

7:00 pm What's your body map?

7:15 pm YOGA to ELEVATE your Emotions

8:00 pm Reflexology, love your feet

8:15 Meditation

8:30 Farewell hugs

ME Fitness Studios ~ corner of NE MLK and Alberta.

Contact: Pamela Sery 503-313-9724 for more info

$20 per person, includes essential oils and tools for healing to take home for personal use