A Greco-Roman Community


Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece both had many great ideas in architecture, math, science, literature, and other professions. We have incorporated those ideas into our societies today, and you see them all around you. Rema is no exception. For our project, we have designed and drawn up a blueprint for a Greco-Roman community that combines today’s ideas with the innovations of the past. Here in Rema, we have integrated these cutting edge ideas into nearly every structure.
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About Rema

Rema is located in a beautiful valley near Fort Collins, Colorado. Rema is a small town at sq ft and a population of 1,000. Because of it’s small size, Rema is most suitable for young couples and starting families. There’s lots of recreation and retail around, so everything you need is in close proximity.

Community Style

Our community is very modern in many ways. A few of which are its drainage, its government system and its housing. It is also extremely desirable in many ways. Some are its size, its schools, and retail. All of these things help make our community a place that people will want to begin lives and families.

Greek Influeneces

The ancient Greeks are often thought of as one of the most advanced societies, if not the most advanced society of their time. For this reason, our town was greatly influenced by them, whether it be its theatre (a bit different from the Greek version, but still quite similar) or its government, which would obviously be a democracy, a form of government nearly perfected by the leaders of ancient Greece. Our community is indeed, very clearly, inspired by much of ancient Greek society.

Roman Influences

The Romans mastered the arts of architecture and planning, and their successes and failures are our gain. They invented apartments, which are vital to our town as well as many other towns throughout the world. They also invented arches which support tall buildings. Aqueducts are used for drainage, and the Romans also invented an effective way to build roads. All in all, our community is infested with the Roman’s ideas.
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Greek and Roman ideas have influenced the world today in extraordinary proportions. These ideas are found throughout your everyday life as well, and we have planned a community based on these ideas and have recognised the presence of them in the structures of our community. Our community has proved that it is possible to blend modern and ancient styles into a whole. We have a community with a mix of styles, whether ancient or old, that is very desirable.