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ID Studio is a web design company that we like to think is different, but different in a positive way. One of that major differences between us and other top web design companies is that we offer a very personal service. At ID Studio we are not as large in terms of numbers as some of the central London web design agencies, however, we still pack a punch well above our weight, and as a consequence offer a far superior project management and personalised service. Throughout the entire life of the project development, you will be assigned a project manager who will work with you until completion and sign off. As a web design company with integrity you will be given the project managers mobile number, direct line telephone and email address to make sure communication is not an issue. If that is not enough, our office is situated on the Kew Road where you can just walk in. Unlike a lot of web design companies, we do not hide behind closed doors.

Another major distinction with ID Studio as a Web Design company is the unsurpassable care we take in the successful delivery of your web project. Throughout every stage of development we will make sure that we deliver 100% effort, professionalism and commitment to create the web site you paid for and deserve. We even go the extra mile in providing a search engine analysis reports for your business and main competitors, helping you target the areas that will yield maximum results. A lot of web design companies see this as an extra, and will charge you for the privilege.

At ID Studio we design all our sites so that they can win awards, this does not only result in an award winning design for our clients, it also benefits you with free publicity and our rankings as a web design company. Having your web site displayed on some of these sites can result in thousands of extra hits.

Any decent web design company must now diversify their skills into the numerous areas covered by digital agencies. For a web design company to survive, including our own ID Studio, you need to stay up to date with the latest advancements and trends. Web design needs to take into consideration the massive explosion in numbers of people accessing information via their mobile phone or tablets. Having a responsive design and a web design company that can achieve this is a must for any businesses. Google now penalises non-mobile compliant web sites on their search engines, more information can be found on the Google site or just do a search. At ID Studio we make sure your web site is responsive, giving you maximum exposure and ammunition to take on your rivals.

A web design company should also take into consideration the market you are targeting, creating an aesthetic look and feel tailored to that segment. In addition, usability in terms of finding information and achieving your goals with ease should be of utmost importance. A lot of so called professional web design companies fail by trying to be to ‘out there’ and alienating the end users. With proper wire framing and user testing this should not be an issue.

So if you would like to discuss further any of the above with a professional web design company, call ID Studio on 020 8948 5808, visit our web site www.netdreams.co.uk or drop us an email contact@netdreams.co.uk