It is a metal element.

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Basic Information!

The symbol for Nobelium is No.

The atomic number is :102

The atomic mass :259 u

Nobelium has 102 Protons, 157 Neutrons, 102 Electrons.

Nobelium period number: 7, group number: None, Group Name: Actinide

Melting point: 1,520°F (826.8°C)

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The element was officially discovered in April 1958 in Berkeley, California, by Albert Ghiorso, Glenn, Seaborg, Torborn Sikkeland and John R. Walton. The year before, a team in stockholm, Sweden at the Nobel Institute of Physics announced a new element called Nobelium that had a half-life of 10 minutes.

Nobelium's Characteristics and Uses

Characteristics- Nobelium is a synthetic, highly radioactive metal that has only been produces in miniscule amounts. Nobelium is normally a divalent ion in aqueous solution.

Uses- There are no known uses outside the laboratory for research purposes.

Where Nobelium is found in nature

Due to its extremely short half-life, there's no reason for considering the effects of nobelium in the environment.
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