Learning Walks

Educator Protocols

What is a learning walk?

A Learning Walk is a brief classroom visit that provides teachers opportunities to reflect on learning and teaching strategies, student interaction with the content, and student engagement.

Learning walks foster growth.

Our goal is, as ever, growth as educators. We have already set our goals in one of the domains of the Learning Framework (Learning Environment, Learning Design, Assessment). The purpose of doing learning walks is that we are able to observe teachers who are strong in the area in which we hope to grow.

The Process

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Before the Walk:

  • Let the teacher you are observing know you would like to come. At this point, it may be beneficial to ask questions regarding what lesson will take place or what instruction has taken place leading up to the lesson. You might also request to talk to learners during the walk. (Need ideas for teachers to observe? Check this out!)
  • Establish a focus point (see infographic right).

During the Walk:

  • Observe for 10-15 minutes.
  • Be present in the observation - technology use should be for the learning walk itself.
  • Focus on your Educator Goal but feel free to jot down ideas for other areas, too.
  • Take notes about what you see in your area of growth. These are not evaluative, but merely notes about what you see taking place.
  • Take notes about what you will take back to your classroom.

After the Walk:

  • Express appreciation to the educator.

Individual Task:

  • Review and clarify your notes.

  • Highlight the relevant observations related to the focus point.

Partner/Group Task:

  • Share out the relevant observations.

  • Discuss and identify patterns amongst the observations.

Updates from iLead 1/26/16

Learning Walk Expectations

  • Engage in Learning Walks twice per six weeks.

    • Can be done during TEAM Time

    • Preferred on Thursday PL day

  • Group Reflection following Learning walks

    • Opportunity to share “Saws, Likes, and Will use/shares”

  • iLead Temperature Checks

    • Each iLead session we will share out “shout outs” and “uh ohs," so please be thinking about what you might like shared via Sam

Think About:

  • How can we use our transfer goals to help us develop understanding during the Learning Walk process?
Learning Walk Observation Form

You can make a copy of the template by clicking here.

'The Power of Words' by Andrea Gardner

Protocol and Descriptive Feedback Practice

  1. Establish a focus.
  2. Consider: What limitations were inadvertently in place with this video? (inability to ask learners specific questions, inability to see the walls, …).
  3. Make notes regarding your observation.
  4. Debrief.


  1. I saw...
  2. I liked...
  3. I will use or have a discussion about...
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