Read all instructions. Ask for help if you need it!

6 Month Budget Project - Instructions

You will create a 6 month (or more) Home Budget Spreadsheet using Google Sheets.

The following is a list of typical necessities and costs for home owners. These costs cover ONE (1) person in each household per month.

Electricity - $150.00

Water - $60.00

Mortgage - $1,000.00

Groceries - $150.00

Gas - $60.00

Vehicle Up-keep - $200.00

Miscellaneous (Other Expenses) - $1,000.00*

With this information, I want YOU to come with a scenario of how many people live in YOUR household. You, a spouse, number of children. Necessities such as Electricity, Water, Groceries, and Miscellaneous should go up as you add a person to your household.

*Miscellaneous should include eating out, renting movies, trips you take, any money you spend that IS NOT a necessity EVERY month, but is a necessity every now and then.

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Setting up your budget:

I would keep my Miscellaneous expenses in a SEPARATE column.

Toward the bottom, I would have a TOTAL cell that calculates the cost of each "cost" column.

The actual prices should NOT be bold in "costs" columns.


1. You cannot claim to only have ONE person in your household. You have to have AT LEAST 2 people in your household. (A partner)*

2. Your MONTHLY income must be equal to (or more than) the NECESSITIES listed (excluding Miscellaneous).

3. Your income must not exceed $4,000.00 a month.

4. You must come up with how much you spend on Miscellaneous expenses each month. (NO BROWSING THE INTERNET).

5. You must have AT LEAST THREE (3) Miscellaneous expenses per month.

* If you decided to do this project solo, you must create (using your imagination) someone who will be your "partner".

Things You Have to Decide:

If you are stuck or confused ask yourself these questions:

1. How many people live in my household? Is it just me and my spouse or do we have children living with us?

2. Does my household have only ONE vehicle? Or does my spouse drive as well?

3. Are my children able to drive? If so, do they have a car?

(Vehicle Up-Keep multiplies each month by the number of vehicles you add.)

4. How many times a month (or in a 6 month period) are we able to eat out? Go to the movies (or another family date)? Go on vacation?

Brainstorm with the person to your left or right (NO ONE ELSE) for other ideas.

Project Requirments

  1. Must have separate sheets in your workbook on Google Sheets for EACH month (label them by Month).

  2. You and your partner must collaborate (unless you are doing this project on your own) on the Google Sheets and on Google Slides (presentation).**

  3. You will use Google Slides to give us details about EACH MONTH that you made a budget for.

  4. Collaboration is the most important thing here. Do NOT make your partner do all the work on their own. One of you can be working on the presentation while the other works on the spreadsheet.


    Sometimes, when you are sharing a budget with someone, they will spend money without you knowing. If they add something you have not discussed, don't remove it. Just add to the presentation what was done and why you should have discussed it before hand.

  5. Use your imagination!!! (The following is the instructions on that!)

    Make up the world, the job you have that brings the income, the currency, whatever you want. There is so much "wiggle room" in this project that I want you to make it 100% yours. Be silly!

    The only thing that must remain the same is the amount of income I have given you. Do NOT exceed your income. However, it doesn't have to be dollars or US currency. You can use simoleons (Sims game) or something like that. I have one group that is using unicorns as their currency. Whatever you do, make it YOURS!