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Kirt Lewis - Loving the Stranger Among Us

Kirt Lewis: Loving the Stranger Among Us

Loving the Stranger Among Us

We are all familiar with the old grainy black and white images of immigrants who arrived to Ellis Island between 1882-1924 which totaled over 20 million individuals. Many in the United States today trace their roots back to those who sailed into that harbor on those boats. 98.8% of the population in the United States is either a first generation immigrant or owes their heritage to an immigrant. Unless you are a part of that 1.2% Native Americans, immigration is part of your story. Today, over 42 million residents in the United States are first generation immigrants. That is roughly 1 in 8 people who are first generation Americans. As Christians, we are also immigrants. Let me explain...

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From first generation immigrants, to those who immigrated generations ago, we as Christians in the United States have a spiritual heritage that links us together and calls us to compassion and engagement with those newly arriving to our cities.

Kirt Lewis, Director of World Relief Sacramento

Who is Kirt Lewis?

Kirt is Director of the Sacramento Field Office of World Relief and one of the lead facilitators of the Sacramento Good Neighbor Churches Coalition. His calling is to empower churches individually and collectively in partnership to answer the call of ministry and mission among the most vulnerable in our region and across the globe, particularly immigrants, through awareness, education, training and service.

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We are grateful in this episode for the support of World Relief, a resettlement agency that is helping refugees and immigrants make a great start in their new home country. Learn more about how to be involved and to volunteer at