We cannot begin to express our gratitude to those who have contributed to THE 2015 SPES FUND. The campaign is on-going but parents, grandparents have contributed over $54,500 to the fund which will directly touch each and every one of our students! This year's SPES FUND will continue through May 15th giving all who wish to contribute a chance to do so.

Phase II of THE 2015 SPES FUND will kick-off during Catholic Schools Week when we will have an exciting announcement about several "CHALLENGE GIFTS" that are being made to this campaign.


We are so excited, and grateful, that we have our athletic team moms who send us updates on all of our super COUGARS! They, along with our SPES Spirit Committee, are responsible for keeping us all aware of how hard our students work both in the class and on their teams so we want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to our TEAM MOMS!

We also want to congratulate all of our student athletes for representing SPES so proudly and being recognized for their sportsmanship wherever they play! Our Girls Basketball Teams are "ON FIRE!" Our 6th graders beat Catholic High - New Iberia while our 7th and 8th grade girls are UNDEFEATED! Our Boys Basketball Teams have been a formidable presence on the courts with our 8th graders winning their game against St. Leo and placing 3rd in the Ascension Tournament. It is not only a great time for SPES Basketball ... our SPES Soccer Cougars are out showing their prowess in this cold weather! So far, our only report is that the Lady Cougars beat Belle Place - New Iberia in their first match-up this season!

Check out the real time athletic calendar and attend some of our games and show your support of the MIGHTY COUGARS!


Though the Apple "Smart Watches" are great pieces of technology, they are not approved to be worn to school because they have the same capabilities as cell phones or iPads which are also not allowed. This week, we will be reminding our students that the smart watches are not allowed to be worn to school. Next week, violation cards will be marked if students are still wearing the watches. Fitness devices, such as the "Fit Bit" or "Garmin trackers", will be treated like an approved watch since they track data only and do not have the same capabilities as the Smart Watches.