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Greetings Parents,

As we are on the eve of our school opening I need to share some important information with you as it relates to the arrival and dismissal of the COVID-19 school year. Our School hours are 8:15 AM -3:15 PM. Students are tardy after 8:15 AM.

Your child(ren) will be handed over to us at the door at 8:00 AM due to COVID-19. You will not be able to enter the building with your child, so take all first-day pictures prior to your child approaching the front door.

Breakfast will be served when your child enters the building on the way to class. We are serving a grab and go breakfast according to the CDC guidelines. Students will not eat breakfast in the Cub Cafe they will eat in their classrooms. Teachers will be on duty to greet your child.

If your child is dropped off before 8 AM and is not enrolled in Prime Time you will receive a letter concerning your child being left unsupervised. After three letters the school will have no other alternative but to call the Department of Family and Children Services. Thank you for your understanding and for helping us ensure that your child is safe.
Remember Prime Time is ready to serve you!

Hours of Operation: AM Programs: 6:30-7:50 am (available at most Richmond County schools)PM Programs: End of school day-6:00 pm registration: $45/child (after July 1st)Weekly Fee: Members: $45/week; Non-members: $50/week
Parents to make changes in your child's transportation you must write a note to your child's teacher. We will not be accepting changes to your child's transportation over the phone. You must fax your change in transportation to 706-855-2546.

We are planning to start our dismissal procedure around 3:00 PM the first week to ensure we are getting the students to their bus or car safely. Parents if you are picking your child up early you must arrive in the front office before 2:45 PM. Anytime a student leaves before we dismiss it is considered a tardy. Parents will not be able to enter the building to pick up children after 2:45 PM as we will be preparing to dismiss.

Parents picking up child(ren), must remain in your vehicle and we will bring your child to you. We will have teachers on duty that will come to your car and get the name of your child, text it, and your child will be escorted to the car. Please, Please do not get out of your car and walk to the door, this will not expedite the dismissal procedure only hold up the process.

Please give us Grace as this is new for us all and we are working together to ensure that students receive the best experience we have to offer.

Students that ride the bus go to the RCBOE website School Zone & Bus Stop Locator. If you cannot find your child's information with your address contact the Transportation Department at 706-796-4777. To ensure the safety of our students, all students 8 years and younger will require a parent/guardian to be at the bus in the morning and afternoon. It may take a couple of weeks for all the buses to pick up and drop your child off on time, so for peace of mind download the Stopfinder App. This information is available on the RCBOE website as well.

Because here at Sue Reynolds we are Passionate, Purposeful, Prideful, and in Pursuit of Learning!

Safety is our FIRST Priority!

Thank you and have an Amazing Day!

Measure Your ability to Lead by Your Willingness to Serve all Mankind.

Donna S Culbreath, Ed.S


Sue Reynolds Elementary School